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A crisis is a terrible thing to waste

The crisis, by limiting access to new resources, makes us look with new eyes at the ones we already have and do not value

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

There are several examples of people who made important contributions in literature, mathematics, art or politics, and who started their careers late in life.

Learning from Challenges

The value of the university is based on the relationship between the teacher and the student and the ability of the first to challenge the second and to accompany him throughout the learning process while looking for solutions to these challenges.

Drinking straws and atents

Patents were created to promote the dissemination of knowledge and to give incentives to the inventor: in exchange for making public all the details of the invention, the State gives 20 years of exclusive rights to exploit it.

Prisoners, Universities, and Companies

The prisoner’s dilemma is a well-known example of a game studied in game theory in which two rational players do not cooperate, even though cooperation is the best…

Just Finished the Exams, What Now?

This is the time of year when, after completing their exams, many young people have to make decisions about their future. I don’t know if the reader belongs…

Challenges and Opportunities

What are the characteristics of an innovation mindset? And what steps have to be taken from the genesis of an idea to its implementation in an innovative solution?

There’s Life Beyond a GPA

For six years I have been spending one Saturday per semester at Técnico in an event named Pitch Bootcamp where about 200 specialists in human resources and Técnico…

Do You Have an Innovation Mindset?

Last month, I was at the University of Aalto in Helsinki to participate in activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation. This university is currently a reference in these…

Work Will Resume Within Moments

In an earlier chronicle, I have already mentioned the study by Sara Sarasvathy, who concluded that people identified as entrepreneurs more often use effective reasoning rather than the…