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Slush 2017, Helsinquia

“Lean Startup”: Uma Nova Dieta para Emagrecer?

Passadas duas semanas sobre a Web Summit, o leitor já deve estar quase recuperado do bombardeamento mediático onde a palavra startup apareceu, pelo menos, uma vez em cada…

Growing a startup in UK, Brasil or anywhere: Welcome to the jungle Growing a startup in UK, Brasil or anywhere: Welcome to the jungle #wp — Luis Caldas Oliveira (@LuisCaldasO) November 25, 2017

Equity in Startups | Start-Up

Interesting study by @hlebret on Equity in Startups. Universities ownership for IP licenses changed from 10% to 5% non-diluted until series A round.

Deep Learning for Siri’s Voice: On-device Deep Mixture Density Networks for Hybrid Unit Selection Synthesis – Apple

Details about the deep learning based technology behind Siri’s voice with on-device hybrid unit selection

If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)

In software and in human medicines you should read the fine print. Understand the software license before using it

What We Get Wrong About Technology

@TimHarford toilet-paper principle: want to glimpse the future? look at current humble, cheap inventions

Já não posso ouvir falar em empreendedorismo

Ler o livro “Startup Communities”, de Brad Feld, é uma experiência que recomendo a todos os que acompanharam o desenvolvimento do ecossistema empreendedor de Lisboa. O livro usa…

Six organs playing Bocherini in Mafra Six organs playing Bocherini in Mafra #wp — Luis Caldas Oliveira (@LuisCaldasO) May 27, 2017

Opening of the New Panalpina IT Center of Excellence Opening of The new IT center of excellence of @panalpinagroup partnering with @istecnico in many different ways #wp — Luis Caldas Oliveira (@LuisCaldasO) April 6, 2017